Immersion Cooling

Our R&D team’s new year’s resolution is to reduce CO2 emissions while increasing efficiency across all of our data centers.Something is already happening in the labs while using very innovative approaches.More information will be available soon! Share this content:

Ala Shestak joins Team​

The Sagl team is enthusiastic to welcome Ala Shestak. Ala has an intensive experience as manager and coordinator in the industrial sector and her passion for technology brought her to begun a new career as Developer. After completing the studies Ala became a front-end developer building SPAS using React, Redux, TypeScript. With her dedication, […]

Virtuozzo Cloud replaces Jelastic Cloud

We are thrilled to let you know that Virtuozzo, the industry pioneer in virtualization, has acquired Jelastic. Virtuozzo and Jelastic had already been working together for ten years as partners. support the new ownership as it will fortify the current teams as they continue to develop and improve your platform as a service. Share […] joins the Swiss Made excellence

We’re proud to be recognized by Swiss Made Softwares for the quality, reliability and precision of our innovative, open and flexible solutions which are now available in more countries worldwide. Share this content:          

Network Expansion

After consolidating hundreds of satisfied customers in the EU and partnered with lead companies Sagl will be focusing on expanding the services to the Middle East, Africa and Asia with dedicated server infrastructures to grant low latencies and high safety standards. Share this content:          

Matteo Musiani joins Team

Matteo has worked on international projects in over 40 countries for over 20 years, gaining extensive experience in business management and development.He gained the necessary horizontal and vertical expertise to meticulously and successfully manage a wide range of projects, and his experience as an entrepreneur helped to further solidify them. Matteo joined in 2022 […] launches new innovative solutions to expand the offer​

To further develop a comprehensive package of integrated services, a variety of new solutions, including remote desktop, render CPU and GPU, streaming live & VOD, and provision of bare metal servers, will soon be made available by Sagl. Through this tactical move and the seamless integration of all its solutions, will be able […]

Aldo Trentini joins Team​

The Sagl team is enthusiastic to welcome Aldo Trentini. Aldo has spent the last 19 years working in the IT industry and has acquired a strong understanding of customer needs as well as a strong technical knowledge. He is also committed to discovering and employing the most recent technologies becoming a valuable asset to […]

Matteo Santarcangelo joins Team

The Sagl team is happy to welcome Matteo Santarcangelo, who has a diploma in computer programming and he joined C41 in 2022 as Full Stack developer specialized in languages designed for the web (PHP, HTML, JavaScript) but with also have knowledge related to the development of apps for IOS. Check the new team member […]